Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney

Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney Chris Dozier

I am an experienced Raleigh criminal defense attorney with nearly 10 years of experience practicing law in North Carolina. I am committed to fighting for my clients and seeking the best possible results in each case. When you hire me to handle your case, you get dedicated and recognized experience on your side. The influence of a criminal conviction can continue to haunt your life for years to come if you don’t take your charges seriously. You want talent, experience, and knowledge on your side when you are headed in to face criminal charges.

With 10’s of 1,000’s of felony, misdemeanor, DWI and traffic cases tried in District Court, you can rely on my knowledge and background in the local area. I’ve also tried dozens jury trials in Superior Court, many of which were DWI cases and have obtained successful verdicts for my clients. Having been assigned to prosecute traffic, misdemeanor, and felony cases in nearly every courtroom in Wake County, I frequently know what we’re up against and I work hard to represent your rights. I have a broad understanding of the court system and the typical way that cases are handled by prosecutors and district attorneys.

In many cases, pre-trial motions are a critical part of your defense. I have tried more than 1,000’s of pre-trial motions in both District and Superior Courts related to probable cause to arrest, reasonable suspicion to stop, suppression of evidence including breath tests, constitutional challenges to checkpoints or checking stations, immigration detainer hearings, chain of custody issues, speedy trial motions, due process violation motions, sentencing hearings, Trexler, Ferguson and Knoll motions as they related to DWI cases. I do the legwork to determine what motions may be applicable in your case and explore every possible avenue for a successful defense.

A Raleigh native, I’m a proud graduate of Broughton High School and North Carolina State University. I was a member of the Kappa Alpha Order and a Chapter President with that organization. I’m also a member of White Memorial Presbyterian Church and I serve on the Steering Committee for the Associates Division of the North Carolina Museum of History, celebrating the rich history and communities we have to offer right here in North Carolina. I maintain memberships with the Tenth Judicial District Bar and the Wake County Bar Association. My work as an Assistant District Attorney has earned me a top reputation in the local area, even leading to a nomination from the Tenth Judicial District Bar for a District Court Judgeship in the spring of 2014.

When you’re in need of a talented Raleigh criminal defense lawyer, look no further than Chris Dozier, who has a broad background to help protect you. My knowledge and experience allow me to efficiently and effectively handle the responsibility and duty of managing your case to reduce or eliminate charges and penalties that can impact your future.

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