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5As a former Wake County Assistant District Attorney with over 4 years of prosecutorial experience, I have been deeply involved with our criminal court system in Wake County and have thoroughly enjoyed my time serving the citizens of Wake County and North Carolina.  As a prosecutor, my duties were not only to follow and enforce the law, but to ensure that the State did not engage in overly zealous prosecution.

I took that duty very seriously to assist in ensuring that someone who may have been wrongfully accused of committed a criminal offense does not get dragged through the criminal court process, in addition to ensuring that someone had been found guilty or pled guilty to a criminal offense that they did not receive an unfair or unjust punishment.  This same belief in justice and fairness is what drove me to practice criminal law.

Representing those accused of a crime is important to me, but my roots in this local area also influence my desire to serve this community. I was born and raised in Raleigh and have lived in Raleigh most of my life.  I grew up a student of the Wake County Public School System and later attended North Carolina State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  Afterwards, I attended the Charleston School of Law in South Carolina and earned my Juris Doctor degree in 2008.  Most of my family and friends live in Wake County today and I have been involved in our community for many years.

I have extensive experience with the court system. Prior to becoming a prosecutor, I spent my first year practicing law as an attorney for a civil defense law firm located in Cary, North Carolina.  During that time, I traveled across the State representing clients in civil lawsuits and defending their rights in both District and Superior Court.

During my time as a lawyer, I have had the opportunity to work with many great defense attorneys, judges, courtroom clerks and personnel, prosecutors and law enforcement officers.  I learned many great skills and gained an immense understanding our court system, both inside and outside the courtroom that will tremendously assist me in representing my clients.

As a criminal defense attorney in Wake County, I will still be serving the citizens of this county, in addition to my clients, by ensuring that the government does not overstep its authority by violating the protections provided to all citizens through the United States Constitution and our State and Federal laws.

By hiring me to represent you, you will have an experienced criminal attorney committed to protecting your rights who understands that a criminal conviction can affect your life for years to come.  I will bring my experience of having tried more than 250 trials and 500 pre-trial motions before a District Court Judge and having tried dozens of trials before a jury in Superior Court and pre-trial motions before a Superior Court Judge.

It can be overwhelming and isolating to be accused of a crime. I will work hard for your case and will be available to my clients so that this isn’t something that you have to do alone.  If you have already been accused, please reach out my Raleigh office today to obtain a free in-person consultation to discuss your criminal defense.