Raleigh Domestic Violence Lawyer

A domestic violence conviction in North Carolina can haunt you for years to come if you don’t retain an experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer in Raleigh who fights for your rights. Although it’s illegal to threaten, assault, or batter anyone, the issue becomes much more serious when you are accused of doing one of the above actions to a parent of your child, cohabitant, significant other, or spouse. In North Carolina, DV and misdemeanor assaults on a female or child are prosecuted differently than other assault offenses due to the existing or previous domestic relationship.

Determining Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, innocent individuals do sometimes get accused of DV in the state of North Carolina. In some cases, false allegations are used as a result of jealousy or anger or even as an attempt to get the upper hand in a custody dispute. There are even situations where what looks like DV was actually an accident. Furthermore, domestic dispute cases tend to be complex, making it all the more critical to identify a talented domestic violence Lawyer to represent your interests in the event that you are charged.

Losing a case where you have been charged with domestic violence can negatively shape your future, particularly if you are involved in a current divorce or custody case. Don’t allow a misrepresentation of events to alter your life forever- hire an attorney you can trust to advocate for you in court.

Locating Legal Representation

Whatever your situation, you need a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Raleigh who understands the factors involved in domestic violence cases and someone who will work hard to present your side of the story in court. As a former prosecutor, attorney Chris Dozier knows the most common tactics used in cases where individuals have been accused. Relying on his experience on the other side, you can rest assured that you have an assertive attorney fighting for your rights.

Experience You Can Trust

Chris Dozier is a practicing trial attorney in Raleigh with over five years of experience in both criminal and civil courts in North Carolina. After practicing civil litigation defense in Cary, Chris joined the Wake County District Attorney’s Office and started his criminal defense practice with an emphasis in driving while impaired (DWI or known as DUI in other States) prosecution starting in 2010.

Chris has also spent a portion of his practice in the area of domestic violence (“DV”) related criminal offenses. Chris has had experience handling DV cases in the general District Court rotation and also served a stint as a special prosecutor assigned to prosecuting DV cases in the District Court DV courtroom. Chris also has experience handling DV and assault cases in Superior Court. Contact his office today to discuss your case and how he can serve you as your Raleigh Domestic Violence Lawyer.

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