What is Domestic Violence in NC?

Domestic violence can be either physical violence or emotional violence.  It can range from being slapped, punched, beaten, kicked or threats of assault.  Domestic violence can also include forcing someone to have sex or preventing someone from family finances.  Domestic Violence in North Carolina is described as one committing an act or several acts of violence towards another person.

  1. Physical Acts of Domestic Violence include, but arenot limited to:
    • Kicking;
    • Beating;
    • Grabbing;
    • Using a weapon against another (knife, gun, hammer, etc.);
    • Slapping;
    • Pushing;
    • Shoving;
    • Pulling hair;
    • Throwing someone on the floor (or down the stairs);
    • Throwing something at or near another person in order to scare or intimidate that person;
    • Forced sex (rape);
    • Destruction of another’s possession to illicit fear of physical violence; or
    • Threatening behavior.
  1. Emotional Acts of Domestic Violence include, but are not limited to:
    • Placing someone in fear of imminent serious bodily harm by threat of force;
    • Threats of violence (however, may not include threats to take custody of the children or leave the home).
  1. Child Abuse included as an Act of Domestic Violence include, but are not limited to:
    • Violence against your children may also be considered an act of domestic violence;
    • Marks or bruises on your children;
    • Sexual abuse of children (rape or fondling);

Note, the abused children do not need to be the children of the abuser for domestic violence to occur.